VERY rarely does a substantial holding such as Shiloh Farms come on to the market in Esperance's 450 to 500 millimeter rainfall zone.

Located 40 kilometres north east of the Esperance port, in the highly sought-after farming region of Esperance, Shiloh Farms provides the opportunity to acquire a stand-alone mixed farming operation that currently sustains 3000 trade cattle and 3500-4000ha of cropping.

It is well-watered from four bores and three equipped dams, with 2" poly for reticulation of stock from top to bottom.
This property is considered drought-proof and is well supported by extensive infrastructure for sheep and cattle, as well as a full suite of sheds and silos,
Its paddocks are large and easy working, with sandy duplex soils.

Soils are typically 30 to 50 centimetres of sand over gravel/clay, with some areas of deeper sands planted to Tagasaste for cattle fodder.

Biodiversity has been maintained with about 5 per cent of the land set aside with plantations, tree lines and fenced remnant native vegetation and waterways.
The two well-appointed homesteads, a worker's cottage and a modern four-person workers quarters suit a core permanent labour supply, with casuals
easily housed in nearby Esperance.

Shiloh Farms would suit a larger farming operator and is also available for sale as individual lots.

Individual lot prices and terms and conditions are available on request.